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Food Preparation Equipment

For food production professionals to save you time, energy & money.

Merchandising trolleys

High quality and easy to handle trolleys created primarily for retail sectors.

Catering Equipment

High grade stainless steel to cater for everyone.

Warehouse Equipment

Standard, safe and easy to use warehouse equipment to improve productivity.

Stock Replenishment Equipment

A safe way for you to meet your business goals.

Retail Equipment

You will be able to equip your stores to satisfy demands for quality and convenience.

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The recycling station.

More and more of us are understanding the importance of recycling every day, and it is up to us to pass the baton to the younger generation to...

‘She’s an Engineer!’

  Although the year is 2018, it could be argued that when one thinks of an engineer, the mind automatically pictures a man. Women are ...

The importance of conserving energy usage.

All personnel are encouraged to concern themselves by cutting our use of power by using less energy. We do this by turning off unused equipmen...

Powder Coating

MCI have now phased out the use of all plastisol coated materials, in the case of steel products we now use CR4 and Zintec and finish with pol...

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