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Staying Motivated on a Monday!

It doesn’t matter where you work, the ‘Monday Blues’ are unavoidable. If it isn’t you thinking it, its your colleague, your boss, or that friend you haven’t spoken to in years writing it in their Instagram caption. When it seems like almost everyone is demotivated on a Monday, it is hard to get your week off to a positive start, so with the help of my (very motivated) colleagues I have put together a list of what keeps them motivated on a Monday!

‘I plan my Monday on the Friday by writing a quick list of tasks’

Writing a to-do list will give you a good place to start on a Monday morning, and allows you to jump straight back into your work without wasting any time.

‘Get your work done, then mess around after’

Although this might not apply to everyone who works full time with fixed hours, it can be a good mind set to have. Get through the working day, and the rest of the day is yours! (even if its to sit on the sofa and watch TV)

‘I stay busy by making sure I get all my work done’

For those of us who are always busy, sometimes just making sure all the work is done is enough motivation. On the plus side, at least the time flies by.

‘Make Monday the new start for you’

No matter how bad last week was, Monday is a chance to start afresh. Look at what could have gone better last week, and make some goals for the week ahead. Focus on the positive you!

‘I get 10 hot wings from KFC every Monday’

They don’t have to be hot wings! But giving yourself something to look forward to after a long day at work can improve your performance as well as your mood.

Let us stop the Monday Blues and start Monday Motivation!