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5 products for ALL industries

At Metal Craft Industries we provide you with high quality Stainless Steel suited for any industry. As a company, we have a clear understanding of what we do best, and how it can help our customers.

By utilizing our in-house hands on approach, skilled engineers capabilities, and twenty first century manufacturing technology and facility we can produce high quality sheet metal products, in a multitude of materials, stainless steel, zintec, brass, brass and other materials and finishes.

We have complied a list of some of our general equipment, designed to give you maximum efficiency in whatever industry you need.

1) Mobile Racking Set

Mobile Storage Racking Set

This easy to assemble flat pack can be moved around to fit in spaces to maximize your storage space. It is robust, easy to clean and extra shelves can be added depending on what you need.

2) Centre Table

This table has been manufactured with high quality Stainless Steel for attractive durability and long life. The easy to assemble flat pack design is a reliable addition to any industry.

3) Two Tier Trolley

Fitted with four-marking swivel castors allowing easy movement, the product has exceptional reliability.

4) Heavy Duty Racking

The fully fabricated racking storage set is perfect for holding anything heavy. As it is manufactured by 304 Stainless Steel it provides you with strength in every stand. Additionally, the product is completed with four adjustable feet and four shelves.

5) Floor Cupboard

A product to help you store whatever you want! This product comes in different sizes to suit your needs, with locking sliding doors giving you maximum reliability and durability.

These are just five of our products that are suitable for any industry, take a look around our website to see many more!