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Metal Craft Industries Launches State-of-the-Art Powder Coating Plant

Metal Craft Industries invest in powder coating capability

Metal Craft Industries Ltd (MCI) has announced the launch of its cutting-edge online powder coating auto plant, a significant step forward in its mission to deliver unparalleled quality and flexibility to its customers. The new facility, now fully operational, combines the advantages of automated processing with the versatility to apply a variety of colours and powders in thicknesses ranging from 25 to 125 microns.

Managing Director Reg Larkin expressed his enthusiasm for the new plant, highlighting the benefits it brings to MCI’s clientele. "Our new automated powder coating plant allows us to offer a level of efficiency and consistency that is difficult to achieve with manual processes. At the same time, we retain the flexibility to meet specific customer requirements in terms of colour and coating depth," Larkin stated.

MCI’s extensive range of powder coating finishes includes stove enamel, acrylic, polyester, clear coats, heat-resistant finishes, and two-part epoxy. This variety ensures that the company can cater to a broad spectrum of customer needs, whether they require protective, decorative, or functional coatings. Larkin stated the company's commitment to service, noting, "We can collect and deliver upon request, accommodating both small batch runs and large volume orders. Our packaging can be tailored to the customer’s specifications, ensuring that each product arrives in perfect condition."

The plant is equipped to coat a wide array of materials, including mild steel (in cold rolled, hot rolled, hot rolled pickled and oiled, Zintec, and galvanised forms), aluminium (mill finish, extrusions, die-castings, and sand casting panels), and stainless steel (DP, grained, 304, 316, and flat components). Fabricated units made of mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium are also within the plant's capabilities. This versatility positions MCI as a one-stop shop for customers seeking reliable and high-quality powder coating services.

Reg Larkin proudly describes MCI as an "old-fashioned company with a twenty-first-century outlook." This ethos reflects the company's dedication to maintaining traditional values of customer service while embracing modern technology and processes. "We are highly motivated and always pleased to hear our customers' voices," Larkin said. "We have a proud record of meeting customer expectations, and we rarely let a day pass without questioning how we can improve our quality, service, and performance."

The new powder coating auto plant is a testament to MCI’s continuous pursuit of excellence. By investing in advanced equipment and technologies, the company is enhancing its capabilities and ensuring that it can meet the evolving demands of its customers. As Larkin noted, "Our goal is to provide the highest quality finishes with the utmost efficiency. This new plant is a key part of that commitment."

Metal Craft Industries’ dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction sets it apart in the competitive field of metal finishing. With its new powder coating plant, the company is well-equipped to handle a diverse range of projects, from intricate small batches to large-scale production runs, all while maintaining the high standards that have become its hallmark. As MCI looks to the future, it remains steadfast in its mission to deliver excellence in every aspect of its operations.

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Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd Achieves Vehicle Body Build Success with Advanced Fabrication Capabilities

Metal Craft Industries Celebrate Major Vehicle Body Build Orders

Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd has recently celebrated a significant milestone in securing and fulfilling major orders in vehicle body building at its state-of-the-art Wellingborough facility. The firm’s comprehensive suite of fabrication equipment has been instrumental in this achievement, demonstrating its robust capacity and expertise in the industry.

The Wellingborough-based company has been at the forefront of vehicle body manufacturing, leveraging its advanced fabrication technology to meet and exceed client expectations. This recent success underscores Metal Craft Industries’ ability to handle large-scale projects efficiently and with high precision.

Reg Larkin, Managing Director of Metal Craft Industries, expressed his enthusiasm for the company's achievements and future potential. “Our recent success in securing and fulfilling these major orders is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team,” Larkin stated. “With our complete suite of fabrication including laser cutting, welding, bending, press brake and powder coating, we’ve been able to deliver top-quality vehicle bodies that meet the stringent requirements of our clients. This positions us well to take on additional projects in various sectors, including delivery vehicles, grocery vehicles, and telecommunications.”

The firm’s Wellingborough facility is equipped with cutting-edge fabrication equipment that enables Metal Craft Industries to provide comprehensive services from initial design through to final assembly. This includes advanced welding, cutting, and forming machinery that ensures high precision and efficiency in every project.

Larkin highlighted the company’s readiness to expand its services. “We are now in an excellent position to assist in other vehicle body builds across different industries,” he noted. “Our expertise and advanced capabilities make us a trusted partner for companies looking to innovate and improve their vehicle fleets. Whether it’s for delivery services, grocery transport, or telecommunications, we have the skills and equipment to deliver outstanding results.”

Metal Craft Industries’ commitment to quality and innovation has established it as a leader in the vehicle body manufacturing industry. The firm’s recent successes are expected to pave the way for further growth and opportunities, as more companies recognise the benefits of partnering with a fabrication specialist that can deliver both reliability and excellence.

As Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd continues to build on its achievements, the Wellingborough facility remains a hub of cutting-edge manufacturing, ready to take on new challenges and drive forward the future of vehicle body construction.

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Addressing the Skills Gap in Manufacturing: A Crucial Challenge for the Future

Metal Craft Industries consider multi pronged approach to tackling skills gap

In the heart of Wellingborough, Northampton, Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd, like many companies in the industry,  faces a daunting challenge: the growing skills gap. According to the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), nearly 20% of the current workforce in these fields will retire by 2026. To fill this gap, the government estimates that 186,000 skilled workers need to be recruited every year. This issue is not only pressing but potentially crippling for the sector's future.

Reg Larkin, a stalwart of Metal Craft Industries with over 50 years of experience, has seen the company through numerous challenges. From economic downturns to technological advancements, Larkin has navigated it all. However, he acknowledges that the current skills gap might be one of the toughest hurdles yet. "The experience and knowledge that will be lost when these skilled workers retire are immense," Larkin says. "We need to act now to ensure we don't lose the valuable expertise that has built this industry." The firm specialises in the manufacturing of stainless steel products to include trolleys and steps for retail, warehousing and tables, sinks and catering equipment for the catering industry.

In response to this imminent crisis, Metal Craft Industries is implementing several strategic initiatives to attract and retain the next generation of skilled workers. One of the key focuses is on enhancing the company's environmental credentials. Recognising the increasing importance of sustainability, the firm is adopting green practices to appeal to younger professionals who are passionate about the environment. By integrating environmentally friendly processes into their operations, Metal Craft Industries aims to create a workplace that resonates with the values of today’s job seekers.

Another critical aspect of the company’s strategy is the transfer of knowledge from experienced engineers to younger employees. Metal Craft Industries is actively encouraging its seasoned professionals to mentor and collaborate with their less experienced colleagues. This mentorship not only helps to preserve invaluable knowledge but also fosters a culture of learning and growth within the company. "We believe that by investing in our people and promoting a culture of continuous learning, we can bridge the skills gap," Larkin explains.

Furthermore, Metal Craft Industries is leveraging automation to make its operations more scalable and efficient. The integration of advanced technologies such as robotics and lights-out operations, including tower automation-fed laser cutting machines, is revolutionising the way the company operates. These innovations not only enhance productivity but also make engineering roles more attractive by incorporating cutting-edge technology. "By embracing technology, we can create more dynamic and appealing career paths for young engineers."

However, addressing the skills gap requires more than just traditional routes of apprenticeships and university degrees. Larkin believes that the sector can attract motivated individuals who are willing to retrain or apply their existing knowledge and skills to new roles. "The manufacturing and engineering sectors offer diverse opportunities that can appeal to people from various backgrounds," he says. "Whether you have experience in IT, project management, or even creative industries, there are ways to transition into engineering."

To facilitate this transition, Metal Craft Industries is advocating for more flexible training programs and career pathways. These initiatives can help individuals from different fields acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in engineering roles. "We need to break down the barriers that prevent people from entering the industry," Larkin believes. "By offering targeted training and support, we can attract a broader range of talent."

Larkin also calls for greater collaboration between the government, educational institutions, and industry leaders to develop comprehensive solutions. "We need a concerted effort to promote engineering as a viable and exciting career choice," he stresses. "This includes better funding for training programs, more partnerships with schools and universities, and policies that support innovation and growth in the sector."

The future of the UK’s manufacturing and engineering industries depends on the ability to adapt and innovate in the face of this skills gap. At Metal Craft Industries, there is a steadfast commitment to playing a proactive role in addressing this issue. By enhancing environmental practices, fostering knowledge transfer, embracing automation, and opening up new pathways for career transition, the company aims to build a robust and skilled workforce for the years to come.

As the industry navigates this pivotal moment, the message from Metal Craft Industries is clear: the time to act is now. With collaboration, innovation, and a focus on sustainability, the skills gap can be bridged, ensuring a vibrant future for the UK’s manufacturing and engineering sectors. The industry must welcome all motivated individuals willing to learn, adapt, and contribute, regardless of their previous experience.

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Case Study: Custom Mobile Steps for a National Document Storage Company

Metal Craft Industries manufacture stainless steps for warehouse

The Challenge

A few months ago, I received an intriguing phone call from a gentleman who sounded quite frustrated. "I don’t think you’ll be able to help," he began. "I’ve looked all over the internet for someone who can supply some mobile steps for our warehouse, but it seems what I need just isn’t available."

Curious, I asked him to elaborate. He explained that his company, a national document storage firm, needed several sets of steps about two meters high to access the top shelves in their warehouse. While there were plenty of suppliers offering steps of this height, his challenge was unique. The steps needed to be mobile, narrow enough to navigate the tight 90-degree turns at the shelving intersections, and sturdy enough to withstand constant use.

All the steps he had found online were too wide to manoeuvre through the narrow aisles of his storage facility. Desperate for a solution, he had noticed our bespoke design service advertised on our website and decided to reach out to us as a last resort.

The Solution

Understanding the urgency and the specificity of his requirements, I arranged for our Engineering Director to visit the warehouse and take precise measurements. We knew that creating a customised solution would require careful consideration of both the design and the functionality needed in such a demanding environment.

Our Engineering Director meticulously gathered all necessary data and returned to our Wellingborough factory to begin the design process. After a series of consultations and drafts, we produced detailed drawings for a prototype set of mobile steps tailored to meet the client's exact needs.

The Prototype and Testing

The prototype was manufactured in our Wellingborough facility with a focus on precision and durability. Once completed, we delivered the prototype to the document storage company's warehouse for testing. The moment of truth came when the steps were put to use in the narrow aisles and tight turns of the storage facility.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The bespoke mobile steps navigated the tight spaces with ease, proving to be both functional and robust. The client was delighted with the solution, finding it perfect for the job.

The Outcome

Pleased with the prototype, the company placed an order for 20 sets of the custom-designed mobile steps. Our team at Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd quickly got to work, manufacturing the steps in our Wellingborough factory. Thanks to our efficient processes and dedicated team, we were able to deliver the entire order within weeks.


This case study highlights Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd’s commitment to solving unique challenges with bespoke solutions. Our ability to listen to the customer's needs, innovate, and deliver high-quality, customized products swiftly is what sets us apart in the industry.

The successful partnership with the national document storage company not only solved their problem but also reinforced our reputation as a reliable and innovative provider of custom metalwork solutions.

If your business faces a unique challenge that standard solutions cannot address, reach out to us at Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd. We're here to design, create, and deliver exactly what you need.

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In pursuit of ‘right price, right quality, on time’

Reg Larkin of Metal Craft Industries UK on price, quality and on time

Despite an increasingly competitive global market, Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd continues to balance the trifecta of 'right price, right quality, on time,' particularly in the manufacturing of trolleys for supermarket replenishment, store equipment, racking, laboratory equipment, and catering equipment such as sinks and preparation tables.

Reg Larkin, the Managing Director of MCI, spoke about the company's ethos and how it has consistently met the demands of its diverse clientele while maintaining a strong local workforce. "Our commitment to quality and timeliness has been unwavering," said Larkin. "In a market where fluctuations in raw material prices and global supply chain disruptions are becoming the norm, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards without delay is no small feat. But it’s a challenge that we have embraced and overcome time and again."

Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd's reputation for producing durable and reliable stainless steel products has made it a preferred supplier for many industries. Their trolleys are a familiar sight in supermarkets, aiding in efficient replenishment, while their store equipment and racking systems provide robust solutions for retail environments. In the laboratory and catering sectors, MCI's equipment stands out for its precision engineering and longevity.

Striking the right balance between cost and quality is a delicate act. "We believe that the right price doesn't mean compromising on quality," Larkin explained. "Our clients expect the best, and we deliver. By leveraging innovative manufacturing techniques and continuously investing in our workforce and technology, we manage to keep our costs competitive without sacrificing the excellence we are known for."

This philosophy has allowed MCI to not only retain but also grow its customer base over the decades. By aligning their operations with the ever-evolving needs of their clients, MCI has maintained a strong market position even as new challenges arise.

One of MCI's proudest achievements is its contribution to local employment. "Building a successful business isn't just about profits; it's about people," said Larkin. "We've always prioritised employing local talent and providing them with opportunities for growth. This not only supports our community but also ensures that we have a dedicated and skilled workforce committed to our values and goals."

MCI's investment in its employees has paid off, with many team members boasting long tenures and deep expertise. This stability and experience have been crucial in navigating the complexities of the global market.

As MCI looks to the future, Larkin remains optimistic. "The challenges are real, but so are the opportunities. We are constantly innovating and adapting, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of stainless steel fabrication. Our commitment to our clients and our community remains as strong as ever."

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Metal Craft Industries: Leading the Way in Green Manufacturing

Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd drives sustainable manufacturing

Metal Craft Industries, a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, store equipment, sinks, trolleys, and PCB storage solutions, is setting a benchmark in the realm of green manufacturing. Under the stewardship of Managing Director Reg Larkin, the company is committed to championing local supply chains, educating customers on the benefits of local sourcing, and prioritising the use of recyclable materials, such as stainless steel, to minimise waste.

In today's manufacturing landscape, sustainability is more than a trend—it's a necessity. Metal Craft Industries has taken significant steps to embed green practices into its operations, starting with its robust support for local supply chains. By sourcing materials and components from local suppliers, the company not only strengthens the local economy but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation. Reg Larkin, MD of Metal Craft Industries, underscores this commitment, stating, "Supporting local supply chains is a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy. It helps us reduce our environmental impact while fostering community resilience."

The company’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond its own operations. Metal Craft Industries actively educates its customers on the benefits of local sourcing, providing detailed information about the origins of their products and the advantages of supporting nearby suppliers. "We believe that our customers should be as informed as possible about the impact of their purchases," Larkin explains. "By choosing products made from locally sourced materials, they contribute to a more sustainable manufacturing ecosystem."

A key aspect of Metal Craft Industries' green manufacturing initiative is its use of recyclable materials. The firm predominantly utilises stainless steel in its products, a material known for its durability, recyclability, and minimal environmental impact. "Stainless steel is an ideal choice for us," Larkin notes. "It is not only incredibly durable and perfect for high-use items like laboratory equipment and trolleys, but it is also 100% recyclable. This aligns perfectly with our goal of reducing waste and promoting a circular economy."

The company's commitment to reducing waste is evident in its manufacturing processes. Metal Craft Industries has implemented rigorous waste management practices, ensuring that scrap materials are recycled and reused wherever possible. "Reducing waste is not just about being environmentally friendly; it's about efficiency and responsibility," Larkin says. "By minimising waste, we can lower costs and pass those savings on to our customers while also doing our part to protect the planet."

In an industry that faces increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices, Metal Craft Industries stands out as a leader. The company’s comprehensive approach—supporting local supply chains, educating customers on sustainable choices, utilising recyclable materials, and committing to waste reduction—demonstrates a deep-rooted dedication to green manufacturing. "Our journey towards sustainability is ongoing," concludes Larkin. "We are proud of the progress we have made, but we know there is always more to be done. At Metal Craft Industries, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing."

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Setting the Standard in Stainless Steel Fabrication

Laser Cutting Specialism at Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd

Metal Craft Industries UK, a leader in stainless steel fabrication, has continued to make significant investments in advanced equipment to ensure it meets and exceeds customer expectations. With a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art machinery and a commitment to precision and quality, the company is well-equipped to handle a wide range of fabrication needs. Managing Director Reg Larkin shares insights into the importance of having the right tools for the job and the expectations of their discerning clientele.

Advanced Equipment for Superior Results

Metal Craft Industries has outfitted its facility with some of the most advanced fabrication tools available, including:

  • Trumpf L3030 Laser Cutting: This fully automatic machine can handle sheet sizes up to 3000 x 1500 mm, ensuring precise and efficient cutting.
  • Trumpf TruPunch 5000 FMC CNC Punch: With a capacity of 2500 x 1250 mm, this fully automatic punch delivers high-speed, high-precision results.
  • Bystronic Xpert 100 CNC 6 Axis Robotic Brake Press Cell: This 2.5-metre brake press offers unmatched accuracy and automation.
  • Bystronic Xpert CNC 8 Axis 3.1 Metre 150 Tonne Brake Press: This powerful press provides extensive capabilities for large-scale projects.
  • Edwards CNC 8 Axis Brake Presses Extra Deep Throat 3 Metre and
  • Edwards CNC 6 Axis Brake Presses 1.5 Metre: These presses ensure versatility and precision in bending operations.
  • CNC Sawing and Billeting, Rivet & Hank bush applicator (up to 16 mm), Tube manipulation (up to 65mm round), Guillotines, Nutsert & PSM applicator, Digital benders: These tools facilitate a variety of specialized fabrication tasks.
  • 15 TIG and MIG Welding Bays, Stud Welding, Spot Welding facilities: Comprehensive welding capabilities for robust and durable assemblies.
  • Grain Master for graining sheet metal to standard grit levels, Razamax Deburring, Stainless Steel Polishing Greising: These finishing tools ensure a high-quality surface finish.
  • Powder-coating Automatic flow-line, Vixon Degrease & Iron Phosphate conversion, Anti-Bacterial Coating Process, Nitrogen Generation for Laser Gasses: These processes enhance durability and functionality of the final products.

Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations

Reg Larkin stated the importance of investing in the best tools to meet the high expectations of their customers. "In our industry, precision and quality are non-negotiable. Our clients demand the best, and it's our responsibility to deliver," says Larkin. "Having the right equipment is crucial. It not only ensures that we meet the technical specifications of a project but also allows us to maintain the high standards of craftsmanship that our clients expect."

He continues, "The Trumpf laser cutter and punch, along with our Bystronic and Edwards brake presses, are some of the finest tools in the industry. They provide the accuracy and efficiency we need to produce top-quality products consistently. Our welding and finishing capabilities further ensure that every piece we produce meets the rigorous standards required in various applications, from industrial components to architectural features."

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Larkin believes that the company's ongoing investment in technology reflects its commitment to quality and innovation. "Staying ahead in this industry requires continuous improvement and adaptation. By investing in advanced machinery and processes, we can offer our customers innovative solutions and superior products. It's about more than just having the tools; it's about knowing how to use them to their fullest potential."

He concludes, "At Metal Craft Industries, our goal is to set the standard for stainless steel fabrication. We are dedicated to providing our customers with products that not only meet their needs but exceed their expectations. With our advanced equipment and skilled team, we are confident in our ability to deliver on this promise."

With a strong focus on quality, precision, and customer satisfaction, Metal Craft Industries UK continues to lead the way in stainless steel fabrication. Their investment in cutting-edge technology ensures they remain at the forefront of the industry, ready to tackle the most challenging projects with expertise and efficiency.

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Balancing Speed and Quality in Modern Manufacturing

Balancing Speed and Quality in Modern Manufacturing

In a fast paced world with faster paced customer demands, Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd is standing firm on the principle that quality should never be compromised for speed. As Managing Director Reg Larkin puts it, “We live in a world where customers require everything yesterday, that shouldn’t surprise us. It’s why fast food restaurants, supermarkets, and online warehouses are so effective. But this desperation can lead to poor quality. We, on the other hand, believe in building quality into all our products. It’s what our business is used to, but we still get there in good time.”

Metal Craft Industries, a leading manufacturer in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, has long been committed to producing high-quality metal components. Products include catering equipment such as sinks and tables, laboratory equipment and also retail and store equipment to include trolleys, steps and point of sale fixtures.  To meet the ever-increasing demands of customers for faster delivery times without sacrificing quality, the company has made significant investments in the latest laser cutting machinery and robotic automation.

The integration of advanced laser cutting technology has allowed Metal Craft Industries to enhance precision and efficiency in their production processes. This state-of-the-art machinery ensures that each cut is executed with exacting accuracy, reducing waste and increasing the overall quality of the finished products. "Investing in the latest technology is crucial for us," says Larkin. "It enables us to maintain our high standards while also speeding up production times."

Robotic automation plays a critical role in the company’s strategy to balance speed and quality. By automating repetitive and labour-intensive tasks, Metal Craft Industries not only improves production efficiency but also minimises the risk of human error. This technological advancement ensures consistency in quality across all products while freeing up skilled workers to focus on more complex and value-added tasks.

Larkin states that these investments are not just about keeping pace with customer demands but also about upholding the company’s reputation for quality. “Our customers come to us because they know they can rely on the quality of our products. While the demand for faster turnaround times is growing, we refuse to let that pressure lead us to cut corners. Our new machinery and automated systems are helping us achieve the perfect balance.”

The company’s commitment to quality extends beyond technology. Metal Craft Industries fosters a culture of continuous improvement, with ongoing training programs for their workforce to ensure that employees are proficient in the latest manufacturing techniques and quality control standards. This holistic approach ensures that every product leaving their facility meets the high standards that their customers expect.

As the manufacturing landscape continues to evolve, Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd is well-positioned to meet the challenges head-on. Their strategic investments in cutting-edge technology and their unwavering commitment to quality demonstrate that it is possible to deliver products quickly without compromising on excellence. "We are proud of what we have achieved," says Larkin. "Our customers can have confidence that they are getting the best possible product, delivered in good time, without any compromise on quality."

For more information about Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd and their services, visit their website or contact their office in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

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Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd Working to Ensure Continued Supply

Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd Working to Ensure Continued Supply

In light of the ongoing steel crisis exacerbated by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd is taking decisive measures to ensure its customers remain well-supplied. Based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, the company is a leader in stainless steel fabrication, manufacturing products such as trolleys, sinks, tables, warehousing equipment, laboratory equipment, and catering equipment for prestigious clients, including Premier League football clubs and Formula One teams.

The recent joint decision by the U.S. and UK governments to clamp down on Russian steel exports has intensified the pressure on global steel markets. The London Metal Exchange (LME) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the world's two largest metal exchanges, will no longer trade new aluminium, copper, and nickel produced by Russia. This move is part of a broader strategy to deprive the Kremlin of crucial revenue streams amid its illegal war in Ukraine.

Reg Larkin, Managing Director of Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd, commented on the impact of these sanctions: "While the ban on Russian metals poses significant challenges to the global steel supply chain, our priority remains to ensure that our customers receive the high-quality products they rely on. We've implemented robust strategies to mitigate the impact, including diversifying our supplier base and increasing our stock levels."

The sanctions aim to further constrain Russia’s ability to fund its military activities, reducing its metal export revenue significantly. In 2022, Russia’s metal exports were valued at $25 billion, which dropped to $15 billion in 2023 due to concerted efforts by the G7 and their allies. The latest measures, which prohibit Russian metals from the LME and CME, are expected to cut these revenues even further, dealing a severe blow to President Vladimir Putin’s war finances.

Despite these geopolitical tensions, Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd has taken proactive steps to maintain supply continuity. "We anticipated potential disruptions and have been working closely with our supply chain partners to secure alternative sources of raw materials," said Larkin. "Our advanced planning and strategic stockpiling have put us in a strong position to navigate these challenging times without compromising on quality or delivery schedules."

The company’s commitment to excellence and innovation remains unwavering. By leveraging their extensive industry experience and robust network of suppliers, Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd is well-equipped to handle the current crisis. "Our team is dedicated to maintaining the high standards that our clients expect, and we are confident in our ability to adapt and thrive despite the global challenges," Larkin added.

The broader context of the sanctions underscores the strategic importance of collaborative international efforts. Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor of the Exchequer, highlighted the significance of this joint action: "Disabling Putin’s capacity to wage his illegal war in Ukraine is better achieved when we act alongside our allies. Our decisive action with the U.S. to jointly ban Russian metals from the two largest exchanges will prevent the Kremlin from funnelling more cash into its war machine."

Janet L. Yellen, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, echoed this sentiment: "Our new prohibitions on key metals, in coordination with our partners in the United Kingdom, will continue to target the revenue Russia can earn to continue its brutal war against Ukraine."

As the global landscape evolves, Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd remains steadfast in its mission to provide top-tier stainless steel products while navigating the complexities of the current market. The company's proactive measures ensure that it continues to meet the needs of its clients, reinforcing its position as a leader in stainless steel fabrication amidst these unprecedented times.


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Recyclable and Diverse: Sustainable Stainless Steel Fabrication

The Cloud Gate, Chicago, one of many manifestations of stainless steel

Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd, a leading stainless steel fabrication firm based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, has a rich history of innovation and excellence. As pioneers in the industry, they manufacture a diverse range of products, including trolleys, sinks, tables, warehousing equipment, laboratory equipment, and catering equipment for prestigious clients such as Premier League football clubs and Formula One teams.

Reg Larkin, Managing Director of Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd, commented on the enduring relevance of stainless steel, stating, "Stainless steel may be a relative newcomer in the world of materials science, having first been produced 111 years ago, but its impact is profound. Its versatility and superior properties have revolutionized modern manufacturing."

Stainless steel's journey began in 1913 when Harry Brearley of Sheffield, UK, discovered 'rustless' steel. By adding chromium to molten iron, Brearley produced a metal that resisted corrosion, marking the birth of stainless steel. This breakthrough came as Brearley sought to prevent the erosion of gun barrels for the British army during World War I.

Over the years, stainless steel has seen numerous advancements. In 1919, Elwood Haynes patented martensitic stainless steel, followed by William J. Kroll's discovery of precipitation-hardening stainless steel in 1929, and the production of duplex stainless steel in Sweden in 1930. These innovations underscored stainless steel’s exceptional properties—high corrosion and heat resistance, formability, weldability, and durability—making it a preferred material across various industries.

Reg Larkin elaborated on the evolution of stainless steel at Metal Craft Industries: "We've witnessed firsthand how the outstanding properties of stainless steel have been harnessed to meet diverse and demanding applications. From catering and healthcare to automotive and construction, the metal's ability to resist rust and withstand extreme conditions makes it indispensable."

Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd continues to leverage the unique benefits of stainless steel. The metal's hygienic properties were proven in 1928 when the first stainless steel fermenting vessel was used to brew beer. Today, its applications have expanded to include surgical implants, food and beverage production, and even architectural structures like the Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago. Indeed Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd even applies a sterilisation finish to stainless steel products going into catering and laboratories.

"Stainless steel's sustainability is another reason why it's the material of choice for us," added Larkin. "It's 100% recyclable and maintains its integrity through multiple life cycles, which aligns perfectly with our commitment to environmental stewardship."