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Case Study: Custom Mobile Steps for a National Document Storage Company

Metal Craft Industries manufacture stainless steps for warehouse

The Challenge

A few months ago, I received an intriguing phone call from a gentleman who sounded quite frustrated. "I don’t think you’ll be able to help," he began. "I’ve looked all over the internet for someone who can supply some mobile steps for our warehouse, but it seems what I need just isn’t available."

Curious, I asked him to elaborate. He explained that his company, a national document storage firm, needed several sets of steps about two meters high to access the top shelves in their warehouse. While there were plenty of suppliers offering steps of this height, his challenge was unique. The steps needed to be mobile, narrow enough to navigate the tight 90-degree turns at the shelving intersections, and sturdy enough to withstand constant use.

All the steps he had found online were too wide to manoeuvre through the narrow aisles of his storage facility. Desperate for a solution, he had noticed our bespoke design service advertised on our website and decided to reach out to us as a last resort.

The Solution

Understanding the urgency and the specificity of his requirements, I arranged for our Engineering Director to visit the warehouse and take precise measurements. We knew that creating a customised solution would require careful consideration of both the design and the functionality needed in such a demanding environment.

Our Engineering Director meticulously gathered all necessary data and returned to our Wellingborough factory to begin the design process. After a series of consultations and drafts, we produced detailed drawings for a prototype set of mobile steps tailored to meet the client's exact needs.

The Prototype and Testing

The prototype was manufactured in our Wellingborough facility with a focus on precision and durability. Once completed, we delivered the prototype to the document storage company's warehouse for testing. The moment of truth came when the steps were put to use in the narrow aisles and tight turns of the storage facility.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The bespoke mobile steps navigated the tight spaces with ease, proving to be both functional and robust. The client was delighted with the solution, finding it perfect for the job.

The Outcome

Pleased with the prototype, the company placed an order for 20 sets of the custom-designed mobile steps. Our team at Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd quickly got to work, manufacturing the steps in our Wellingborough factory. Thanks to our efficient processes and dedicated team, we were able to deliver the entire order within weeks.


This case study highlights Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd’s commitment to solving unique challenges with bespoke solutions. Our ability to listen to the customer's needs, innovate, and deliver high-quality, customized products swiftly is what sets us apart in the industry.

The successful partnership with the national document storage company not only solved their problem but also reinforced our reputation as a reliable and innovative provider of custom metalwork solutions.

If your business faces a unique challenge that standard solutions cannot address, reach out to us at Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd. We're here to design, create, and deliver exactly what you need.