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In pursuit of ‘right price, right quality, on time’

Reg Larkin of Metal Craft Industries UK on price, quality and on time

Despite an increasingly competitive global market, Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd continues to balance the trifecta of 'right price, right quality, on time,' particularly in the manufacturing of trolleys for supermarket replenishment, store equipment, racking, laboratory equipment, and catering equipment such as sinks and preparation tables.

Reg Larkin, the Managing Director of MCI, spoke about the company's ethos and how it has consistently met the demands of its diverse clientele while maintaining a strong local workforce. "Our commitment to quality and timeliness has been unwavering," said Larkin. "In a market where fluctuations in raw material prices and global supply chain disruptions are becoming the norm, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards without delay is no small feat. But it’s a challenge that we have embraced and overcome time and again."

Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd's reputation for producing durable and reliable stainless steel products has made it a preferred supplier for many industries. Their trolleys are a familiar sight in supermarkets, aiding in efficient replenishment, while their store equipment and racking systems provide robust solutions for retail environments. In the laboratory and catering sectors, MCI's equipment stands out for its precision engineering and longevity.

Striking the right balance between cost and quality is a delicate act. "We believe that the right price doesn't mean compromising on quality," Larkin explained. "Our clients expect the best, and we deliver. By leveraging innovative manufacturing techniques and continuously investing in our workforce and technology, we manage to keep our costs competitive without sacrificing the excellence we are known for."

This philosophy has allowed MCI to not only retain but also grow its customer base over the decades. By aligning their operations with the ever-evolving needs of their clients, MCI has maintained a strong market position even as new challenges arise.

One of MCI's proudest achievements is its contribution to local employment. "Building a successful business isn't just about profits; it's about people," said Larkin. "We've always prioritised employing local talent and providing them with opportunities for growth. This not only supports our community but also ensures that we have a dedicated and skilled workforce committed to our values and goals."

MCI's investment in its employees has paid off, with many team members boasting long tenures and deep expertise. This stability and experience have been crucial in navigating the complexities of the global market.

As MCI looks to the future, Larkin remains optimistic. "The challenges are real, but so are the opportunities. We are constantly innovating and adapting, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of stainless steel fabrication. Our commitment to our clients and our community remains as strong as ever."