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Metal Craft Industries: Safety Comes First

Manual handling tasks that are likely to be a risk to workers’ health and safety should be identified and assessed in detail to determine the nature and the extent of the problems. Where a person’s health and safety is at risk, solutions to the problems need to be found in order to minimize the risk. That’s why we developed the Step Trolley.

Did you know that strain injuries may occur when stacking shelves where:

  • items are double handled;
  • items are stored above shoulder level;
  • items are lifted from below mid-thigh height;
  • items are too heavy when other risk factors, such as the number of times the items are moved  or the distance moved, are taken into account;
  • the weight of items is unknown and they are heavier than expected for their size or shape;
  • excessive forward reaching is required when lifting or placing loads on and off shelves;
  • there is not enough space to handle items safely; and
  • the load is unstable or awkward to move.

If the Metal Craft Industries Step Trolley is used correctly, it goes a long way to answering these issues.