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The recycling station.

More and more of us are understanding the importance of recycling every day, and it is up to us to pass the baton to the younger generation to conserve a clean and beautiful Earth to live in. Every single person can reduce pollution, slow down global warming and lower waste products in landfills by recycling to make our planet a better place.

It is up to us to educate children, to give them a head start into their adult lives. Something we could teach young children is that the different products we use every day can take YEARS to decompose if we just throw them away into our general rubbish. The lessons we learn in school can lay the habits of a lifetime, as well as teaching children valuable skills such as responsibility.

There are 34,000 schools in the UK, therefore each school plays a vital role in dealing with waste. Although teaching young children doesn’t have to be boring! Recycling can be easily integrated into a variety of subjects, and with many children being bright and eager to learn it can also be fun to teach them!

The team at Metal Craft Industries have produced a recycling station which has been designed to recycle food, drink and packaging materials. The product is easily assembled, and emptied. A can crusher, waste bins and additional shelving are also optional extras depending on your needs. The Stainless Steel smooth finish allows the station to remain hygienic and easy to clean, suitable for schools, canteens, supermarkets and factories.
The recycling station can be a fun activity, and easily aid you in showing children where each individual item needs to go in order for it to be recycled.

These small lessons, can have big rewards.

Recycling Station