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An Adapting Company…

We call ourselves a ‘modern’ engineering company because for over 45 years we have adapted to the constant change in technology, business, people and society. It is important for us to be a clear leader in our field so we can offer our customers something that they cannot get anywhere else, whether that is one of our ‘standard’ products or bespoke, each is manufactured to suit your needs.

It is important to us as a 21st century Engineering Company that we embrace the change that is happening around us. We have accepted and used technology to enhance our skills and our business so we can bring your visions to life.

It is without a doubt that the change will continue and we will welcome it with excitement because of all the new possibilities we can achieve together!


5 products for ALL industries

At Metal Craft Industries we provide you with high quality Stainless Steel suited for any industry. As a company, we have a clear understanding of what we do best, and how it can help our customers.

By utilizing our in-house hands on approach, skilled engineers capabilities, and twenty first century manufacturing technology and facility we can produce high quality sheet metal products, in a multitude of materials, stainless steel, zintec, brass, brass and other materials and finishes.

We have complied a list of some of our general equipment, designed to give you maximum efficiency in whatever industry you need.

1) Mobile Racking Set

Mobile Storage Racking Set

This easy to assemble flat pack can be moved around to fit in spaces to maximize your storage space. It is robust, easy to clean and extra shelves can be added depending on what you need.

2) Centre Table

This table has been manufactured with high quality Stainless Steel for attractive durability and long life. The easy to assemble flat pack design is a reliable addition to any industry.

3) Two Tier Trolley

Fitted with four-marking swivel castors allowing easy movement, the product has exceptional reliability.

4) Heavy Duty Racking

The fully fabricated racking storage set is perfect for holding anything heavy. As it is manufactured by 304 Stainless Steel it provides you with strength in every stand. Additionally, the product is completed with four adjustable feet and four shelves.

5) Floor Cupboard

A product to help you store whatever you want! This product comes in different sizes to suit your needs, with locking sliding doors giving you maximum reliability and durability.

These are just five of our products that are suitable for any industry, take a look around our website to see many more!


Staying Motivated on a Monday!

It doesn’t matter where you work, the ‘Monday Blues’ are unavoidable. If it isn’t you thinking it, its your colleague, your boss, or that friend you haven’t spoken to in years writing it in their Instagram caption. When it seems like almost everyone is demotivated on a Monday, it is hard to get your week off to a positive start, so with the help of my (very motivated) colleagues I have put together a list of what keeps them motivated on a Monday!

‘I plan my Monday on the Friday by writing a quick list of tasks’

Writing a to-do list will give you a good place to start on a Monday morning, and allows you to jump straight back into your work without wasting any time.

‘Get your work done, then mess around after’

Although this might not apply to everyone who works full time with fixed hours, it can be a good mind set to have. Get through the working day, and the rest of the day is yours! (even if its to sit on the sofa and watch TV)

‘I stay busy by making sure I get all my work done’

For those of us who are always busy, sometimes just making sure all the work is done is enough motivation. On the plus side, at least the time flies by.

‘Make Monday the new start for you’

No matter how bad last week was, Monday is a chance to start afresh. Look at what could have gone better last week, and make some goals for the week ahead. Focus on the positive you!

‘I get 10 hot wings from KFC every Monday’

They don’t have to be hot wings! But giving yourself something to look forward to after a long day at work can improve your performance as well as your mood.

Let us stop the Monday Blues and start Monday Motivation!


The Lab and Clean Room Show

Yesterday we ventured over to Milton Keynes for The Lab & Clean Room Show held in the MK Arena. The exhibition was a perfect opportunity to discover other businesses and suppliers who specialise in the area, as well as keeping up to date with the latest industry innovations. The show was also an opportunity for us at Metal Craft Industries to show what we offer our customers and the brilliant products we produce.

By early afternoon, many businesses had set up their stands and wandered over to meet their neighbours (and also to see if there was any freebies going). Educational seminars were also held which provided some insights from leaders in the industry.

Overall, the show was a good way to gain networking opportunities with peers and we met some interesting people as well as businesses that we will hopefully be hearing from soon!


The Priory School Memorial Garden

If you read our previous post on the silhouette solider, then you will certainly recognise this solider standing in the newly restored memorial garden at The Priory School.

The garden had succumbed to the heat and cold of our weather since it was first created in 2008, so students within the Learning Support Department decided on a project to bring it back to its former glory!

After a lot of hard work, the furniture was freshly painted, the weeds were removed and the garden is now full of bright and colorful flowers!

The completed garden now has a peace rose and a solider silhouette to honour those who have died in conflict.

Metal Craft Industries is very proud that The Priory School has included this silhouette solider.


A reflection: Northampton Mayor unveils World War I Centenary Memorial

It’s been almost two weeks since the Sunday that marked a century since the guns fell silent on the Western front, bringing an end to four long years of conflict and world war. In 1919, King George V marked Armistice Day with an announcement that called for two minutes of silence, remembering the millions who gave their lives between 1914 and 1918.

“All locomotions should cease, so that, in perfect stillness, the thoughts of everyone may be concentrated on reverent remembrance of the glorious dead.” (King George V, 1919).

Since this day, otherwise known as Remembrance Sunday, millions around the world pay their tributes and respects at war memorials. Many of the memorials are covered in waves of red poppies and engraved with so many names that we can only see if we are up close.

On the crisp day of November 11th 2018, a clear blue sky shone over Northampton’s Abington Park to reveal the huge amount of local faces who arrived to pay their respects. The mayor of Northampton, Councilor Tony Ansell, unveiled a World War I memorial of a soldier silhouette to commemorate the centenary of Armistice Day. A short service was given by Monsignor Tony McDermott, the Mayor’s Chaplain which included the Last Post, a two minute silence and the Reveille, after which the Mayor laid a wreath at the memorial silhouette.

The crowd eventually disappeared and the silhouette solider kneeled there alone, with his helmet in one hand and a gun in the other, looking down at the marked grave below him. A reminder of the sacrifices and losses that the first World War brought.

Metal Craft Industries are very proud to have been commissioned by Northampton Borough Council to manufacture the silhouette of this soldier.


The recycling station.

More and more of us are understanding the importance of recycling every day, and it is up to us to pass the baton to the younger generation to conserve a clean and beautiful Earth to live in. Every single person can reduce pollution, slow down global warming and lower waste products in landfills by recycling to make our planet a better place.

It is up to us to educate children, to give them a head start into their adult lives. Something we could teach young children is that the different products we use every day can take YEARS to decompose if we just throw them away into our general rubbish. The lessons we learn in school can lay the habits of a lifetime, as well as teaching children valuable skills such as responsibility.

There are 34,000 schools in the UK, therefore each school plays a vital role in dealing with waste. Although teaching young children doesn’t have to be boring! Recycling can be easily integrated into a variety of subjects, and with many children being bright and eager to learn it can also be fun to teach them!

The team at Metal Craft Industries have produced a recycling station which has been designed to recycle food, drink and packaging materials. The product is easily assembled, and emptied. A can crusher, waste bins and additional shelving are also optional extras depending on your needs. The Stainless Steel smooth finish allows the station to remain hygienic and easy to clean, suitable for schools, canteens, supermarkets and factories.
The recycling station can be a fun activity, and easily aid you in showing children where each individual item needs to go in order for it to be recycled.

These small lessons, can have big rewards.

Recycling Station


‘She’s an Engineer!’


Although the year is 2018, it could be argued that when one thinks of an engineer, the mind automatically pictures a man. Women are often under-represented in the fields of engineering, and with the industry playing such an important role in the UK it is important to celebrate the roles that women are involved in.

This year, it was recorded by EngineeringUK.com that only 12% of the engineering workforce is female. Considering this, we must note that it is a positive change from the small 9% in 2015.

Women have been a part of the engineering movement since the beginning. Ada Lovelace born in 1815 is recognised to be the first computer programmer, which became a huge milestone in the history of computers and technology. Mary Anderson, the inventor of the windshield wiper blade, a core element of every car. Martha Coston, a 21 year old widow who invented a signal system which ships used in the Civil War to light up their locations. And our very own TV personality Carol Vorderman who has an engineering degree from Cambridge University.

With this is mind, it is up to us to inspire and encourage women to consider engineering as an achievable and rewarding career and break down the stereotype.

There are now campaigns to encourage women into the engineering industry such as the International Women in Engineering Day, which takes place every year on June 23rd. As well as this, there are awards to recognise women in engineering such as ‘The IET Young Women Engineer of the Year awards’ and ‘the WISE conference & awards’.

In Northamptonshire, Northampton University offers a wide range of engineering courses with options to study part-time or full-time. Additionally, Corby & Wellingborough Tresham campuses have specialist resources which help to deliver courses at all levels allowing progression.

The engineering industry is an exciting one, and although yet many women have contributed to it, why is it that it is still a predominantly male run industry? There is clearly a real need to encourage more women into engineering, but also recognise the ones that already are!