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Metal Craft Industries: Safety Comes First

Manual handling tasks that are likely to be a risk to workers’ health and safety should be identified and assessed in detail to determine the nature and the extent of the problems. Where a person’s health and safety is at risk, solutions to the problems need to be found in order to minimize the risk. That’s why we developed the Step Trolley.

Did you know that strain injuries may occur when stacking shelves where:

  • items are double handled;
  • items are stored above shoulder level;
  • items are lifted from below mid-thigh height;
  • items are too heavy when other risk factors, such as the number of times the items are moved  or the distance moved, are taken into account;
  • the weight of items is unknown and they are heavier than expected for their size or shape;
  • excessive forward reaching is required when lifting or placing loads on and off shelves;
  • there is not enough space to handle items safely; and
  • the load is unstable or awkward to move.

If the Metal Craft Industries Step Trolley is used correctly, it goes a long way to answering these issues.

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FoodService Show 2019!

It may be -2 outside but there is a very positive vibe at NEC today where Metal Craft are meeting lots of existing and potential customers at the FoodService Show 2019!

Whether you’re in the food production industry, restaurant, fast food, takeaway, coffee shops or pubs & bars Metal Craft will be able to help you with your Stainless Steel requirements.

We manufacture a wide variety of equipment including Catering Tables, Sinks, Shelves, Racking and Food Warming Stands as standard products.

If you require any bespoke items, whether that being a specific size to suit your location or something to your unique design, our engineering team are always willing to discuss your requirements.

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Metal Craft Industries: The importance of having happy employees

At Metal Craft Industries we work hard to be a happy and productive company by encouraging strong communication throughout our team so we can be the best team we can possibly be.

Our sheet metal worker Lukasz Kmiecik explains the importance of working in a positive and rewarding environment:

‘I love working with a diverse group of people that share their skills and knowledge working with a diverse array of industries across Europe. Metal Craft allows me to embrace and appreciate the complexity of engineering skills required to work in a sub-contracting environment, that let me grow my experience. It has been a great pleasure being a part of an energetic and ambitious team, presenting opportunities to grow on both a personal and professional level.

The experience of collaborating within this unique team has been exciting, not only because of the high-quality activities we are involved in but also due to the learning and development process where everyone’s contributions are important for building stronger relations with customers and other colleagues.’

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Reality after the Christmas Holidays

It’s the first Friday of 2019 and we have all made it through our first week back at work. This week, reality struck, Christmas was over and suddenly it wasn’t acceptable to pour yourself a Baileys in the morning and consume a box of chocolates for breakfast.
If you have been lucky enough to have the last two weeks off, returning to your early morning routine can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. 2019 is a new year for you to make changes, hit your goals and have your best year yet.
We have thrown ourselves back into work here at Metal Craft Industries, here is how we embrace the ‘January Blues’.

– The quicker you get back into your normal routine the better you’ll feel
– Don’t use the post-festive break as an excuse to slack
– Write a list of goals you want to achieve this year to motivate yourself
– Work closely with a colleague who positively impacts you
– Make plans to look forward to

If all else fails, January won’t last forever and spring is soon round the corner!

We would love to know how you tackle January in your workplace, share your tips!

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Christmas thanks, See you soon.

What a year it has been at Metal Craft Industries. We have worked with some fantastic companies and people filled with both challenges and victories, building and manufacturing some incredible projects!

Massive well done to all the staff behind the designing and making of each project and the staff in the offices who kept up with the busy calls.

More importantly we would like to say thank you to everyone who we have worked with this year, Metal Craft Industries would not be as successful as it is today without you all.

Additionally, today we said our farewells to our sales & marketing director, Mark Ellis who has retired. He will be missed in the future, but we are excited about Ron Snaith coming over to fill the role!

Once again, have a merry Christmas everyone. And a Happy New Year!

Read more about Mark’s retirement here:

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Our Engineering Director: Ian Hickman

As an engineer my passion is solving manufacturing problems. I am involved in the entire scope of the manufacturing process, monitoring different aspects of product development, making changes to production procedures, and strive to continually improve the way manufacturing operates, consistently looking for ways to increase production and profits.

I work closely with sales and production to come up with ways to make production more efficient and reliable, while reducing manufacturing costs. I am involved daily with aspects of design, and analysing different methods of company manufacturing and involved in the entire scope of the manufacturing process continually looking for improvements to quality control and implementing new strategies for product assembly and enhancing operations and troubleshooting products for inefficiencies and making improvements throughout our processes.

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Retirement with Mark Ellis, Metal Craft Industries

Age: 58
Background: Mechanical & Field Engineer, Manufacturing
Position: Sales & Marketing Director for Metal Craft Industries UK LTD
Time at MCI: 17 Years
Typical Work Week: 60hrs

We all experience mixed emotions when adapting to change, even if it is a positive one. Change is natural and there are many times in our lives that we must adapt as a person or to our surroundings.
Retirement is a huge life change that creeps up on all of us, it is something that is always at the back of our minds…and then one day it becomes a decision we have to make.
When discussing retirement the same questions are always asked;

‘Won’t you get bored?’
‘What are you going to do with all that time!?’
‘How many hobbies are you taking up? Because I’ve spoken to Bob across the road and he’s taking up 7… including yoga!’

When making a change like this it is important to do what YOU want to do. That is exactly what Mark has done.

Mark, current Sales & Marketing Director of Metal Craft Industries, an Engineering company based in Wellingborough plans to retire and move to France with his wife in the New Year. After spending 17 years at MCI he has been as been described as ‘someone who goes above and beyond with his work’ by colleagues and he will certainly be missed within the company.

As someone who has had strong work ethics his whole life he described himself as a ‘bit of a workaholic’, Mark was the perfect person to sit down with to discuss how he intends to adapt from the fast paced job he currently has to having 24 hours a day of free time.

When did you know it was time to retire?

‘This is a difficult question for me. Although I am retiring I will have to find something to do. Keep the body and mind active. Clare retired 2 years ago and I guess sub-consciously it drove me down that road. It was a very difficult decision as I do enjoy working, however now I have made the decision then I know it was the right thing to do.’

What are you looking forward to the most?

‘The challenge of not only finding stuff to do but moving to a foreign country excites me. Although I am aware of the French culture it is totally different to the hustle and bustle of how we live our lives in the UK. Peace and serenity after years of the fast pace we experience here….the red wine and cheese makes it all worthwhile too!’

How/have you prepared?

‘The preparation hasn’t taken that long really. Buying the house certainly accelerated the process and helped in being prepared for the next chapter in my life. Having a partner who thinks the same way is always helpful! Having lived in both Germany and the Far East has provided me with the understanding of moving to a foreign country so having the ‘worldly’ outlook has help me to prepare and it does not phase me in any way. Oh….liking the red wine and cheese certainly helps!’

Do you have any worries?
‘No…what is there to worry about? Maybe Brexit if you let it! Maybe the slide in Sterling if you let it! It does mean that the wine and cheese will go up in price but I can cope with that!…just. I’m think I am fairly pragmatic and being in sales you need to be optimistic…so what could possibly go wrong!’

What will you miss about working?

‘I won’t stop working as such but I will miss the banter and my colleagues here at Metal Craft. Seventeen years is a long time and I have enjoyed nearly every minute. Making stuff too….have been in manufacturing all my working life so it will tough not to do that anymore….really tough. But the cheese and wine will make up for it…maybe!’

What won’t you miss about it?

‘Being at the same company for a long time tells you that you like it where you are….of course there have been difficult and stressful times and I would be lying if I stated otherwise but you deal with it and try to improve.’

What is your biggest achievement in the company?

‘This one is quite easy to answer….becoming a Director. I joined the company as a field engineer to rollout equipment on a Safeway project and through hard work and determination worked my way up to running the sales department.’

A bit of advice for Ron? (The New Guy)
‘Believe in yourself and the team around you. Simples! We have a great team here and with a wealth of knowledge…they are more than happy to help.’

May you have the best and most fulfilling retirement Mark, I’m sure you will with all that red wine and cheese! We will miss you.

Metal Craft Industries UK LTD is a modern 21st century engineering company based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. At MCI, we have a highly skilled and talented workforce who manufacture Stainless Steel and Aluminium products, specialising in bespoke and general equipment for retail sectors, catering, labs, clean rooms and many more..

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An Adapting Company…

We call ourselves a ‘modern’ engineering company because for over 45 years we have adapted to the constant change in technology, business, people and society. It is important for us to be a clear leader in our field so we can offer our customers something that they cannot get anywhere else, whether that is one of our ‘standard’ products or bespoke, each is manufactured to suit your needs.

It is important to us as a 21st century Engineering Company that we embrace the change that is happening around us. We have accepted and used technology to enhance our skills and our business so we can bring your visions to life.

It is without a doubt that the change will continue and we will welcome it with excitement because of all the new possibilities we can achieve together!

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5 products for ALL industries

At Metal Craft Industries we provide you with high quality Stainless Steel suited for any industry. As a company, we have a clear understanding of what we do best, and how it can help our customers.

By utilizing our in-house hands on approach, skilled engineers capabilities, and twenty first century manufacturing technology and facility we can produce high quality sheet metal products, in a multitude of materials, stainless steel, zintec, brass, brass and other materials and finishes.

We have complied a list of some of our general equipment, designed to give you maximum efficiency in whatever industry you need.

1) Mobile Racking Set

Mobile Storage Racking Set

This easy to assemble flat pack can be moved around to fit in spaces to maximize your storage space. It is robust, easy to clean and extra shelves can be added depending on what you need.

2) Centre Table

This table has been manufactured with high quality Stainless Steel for attractive durability and long life. The easy to assemble flat pack design is a reliable addition to any industry.

3) Two Tier Trolley

Fitted with four-marking swivel castors allowing easy movement, the product has exceptional reliability.

4) Heavy Duty Racking

The fully fabricated racking storage set is perfect for holding anything heavy. As it is manufactured by 304 Stainless Steel it provides you with strength in every stand. Additionally, the product is completed with four adjustable feet and four shelves.

5) Floor Cupboard

A product to help you store whatever you want! This product comes in different sizes to suit your needs, with locking sliding doors giving you maximum reliability and durability.

These are just five of our products that are suitable for any industry, take a look around our website to see many more!

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Staying Motivated on a Monday!

It doesn’t matter where you work, the ‘Monday Blues’ are unavoidable. If it isn’t you thinking it, its your colleague, your boss, or that friend you haven’t spoken to in years writing it in their Instagram caption. When it seems like almost everyone is demotivated on a Monday, it is hard to get your week off to a positive start, so with the help of my (very motivated) colleagues I have put together a list of what keeps them motivated on a Monday!

‘I plan my Monday on the Friday by writing a quick list of tasks’

Writing a to-do list will give you a good place to start on a Monday morning, and allows you to jump straight back into your work without wasting any time.

‘Get your work done, then mess around after’

Although this might not apply to everyone who works full time with fixed hours, it can be a good mind set to have. Get through the working day, and the rest of the day is yours! (even if its to sit on the sofa and watch TV)

‘I stay busy by making sure I get all my work done’

For those of us who are always busy, sometimes just making sure all the work is done is enough motivation. On the plus side, at least the time flies by.

‘Make Monday the new start for you’

No matter how bad last week was, Monday is a chance to start afresh. Look at what could have gone better last week, and make some goals for the week ahead. Focus on the positive you!

‘I get 10 hot wings from KFC every Monday’

They don’t have to be hot wings! But giving yourself something to look forward to after a long day at work can improve your performance as well as your mood.

Let us stop the Monday Blues and start Monday Motivation!