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Reality after the Christmas Holidays

It’s the first Friday of 2019 and we have all made it through our first week back at work. This week, reality struck, Christmas was over and suddenly it wasn’t acceptable to pour yourself a Baileys in the morning and consume a box of chocolates for breakfast.
If you have been lucky enough to have the last two weeks off, returning to your early morning routine can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. 2019 is a new year for you to make changes, hit your goals and have your best year yet.
We have thrown ourselves back into work here at Metal Craft Industries, here is how we embrace the ‘January Blues’.

– The quicker you get back into your normal routine the better you’ll feel
– Don’t use the post-festive break as an excuse to slack
– Write a list of goals you want to achieve this year to motivate yourself
– Work closely with a colleague who positively impacts you
– Make plans to look forward to

If all else fails, January won’t last forever and spring is soon round the corner!

We would love to know how you tackle January in your workplace, share your tips!